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PECULIAR  HAND” is an anagram of the creators of Peculiar Hand

~  Paul and Richenda  ~

Paul & Richenda New Year's Day 2004

Though born a Pisces Scouser in Liverpool, England, Paul Lawler is happy to have been an Aussie since 1964 with periods of residency in Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Hobart, England (again), Ireland, Sweden, then back to Darwin – and since 1993, in Maleny, SE Queensland.

He has a reputation of being a lovely singer of meaningful (and sometimes mournful) folk songs and peculiarly conversely, also of being another “Inspector Gadget”!!

When not singing passionately, he can be found tinkering with some mechanism to perform some strange task and he quite peculiarly expects others to be equally obsessive about bearings and pulleys, or about LEDs and capacitors, and so on.  Very peculiar.  Something to do with his training as a Watchmaker maybe?  Who knows … From the microcosm of the wristwatch insides to the macrocosm of the 20 metre sculptures with moving parts that he designs and constructs – only to burn them down at the Woodford Folk Festival’s Closing Fire Ceremony (Paul was the Director from early 2003 to early 2011) ... 

Very peculiar.      


Richenda Bridge is a Sandgroper – one who hails from the great western third of Australia – and has lived not only in Perth, but in Bristol, England (on a sailing boat); in Darwin (in a spaceship dome); backpacked overland to England via SE Asia / India / Middle East; spent some interesting times in a gold prospecting business; worked for years as a cartographic / survey engineering draftie; all before moving to sunny Queensland in 1993 - with “Peculiar Paul”. 

Now some would say that last act of union would be enough to pronounce her also peculiar.  Nevertheless, she has remained grounded in her Virgo birthright, is addictively attracted to both books and coloured yarn, and is strangely unmoved by most things mechanical - and most definitely by all things electronic! Very peculiar, thinks Paul.  However, she does have a history of joining Paul in his peculiarly pyromanial proclivities at Woodford.  And she passionately shares his love of folk music and also sings meaningful (and yes, sometimes mournful) songs.   

Now is that so peculiar?

Listen to a beautiful song recorded during Paul and Richenda's Darwin days,
with Paul performing lead vocal and Richenda harmonising:
No Strings Attached*** perform Dave Oakes' song Uluru (2m35s)

***No Strings (for this recording) were :
Alex Bridge, Richenda Bridge, Paul Lawler, Marianne Piercy; Tony Suttor.