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Work in Progress

a cappella Folk Harmonists
Work in Progress
3 Sheilas and 1 not-so-token Bloke!
with a passion for singing contemporary and traditional folk - and beyond  -  with just a touch of lunacy - songs with : Melody and Meaning, Harmony and Heart  ~ and FUN!

cornerstone of Maleny’s renowned ABOFOTS
( “A Bit of FOLK on the Side” )

they are : Paul Lawler / Alex Bridge / Richenda Bridge / Carmel Givens

Listen to Work in Progress performing
'Davie Lowston' (3m28s):


a cappella Folk Harmonists
Fine Cotton

the sheilas from Work in Progress also have a separate repertoire, as the harmony trio “Fine Cotton”

Listen to Fine Cotton performing
'Leatherwing Bat' (2m23s):

a cappella Folk Harmonists
Raw Silk

Richenda and Carmel also perform in the harmony trio “Raw Silk” with award-winning singer, Jenny Fitzgibbon, former vocalist for Brisbane’s acclaimed Irish band Tulca mór

Listen to Raw Silk performing
'Down the Road I'll Be Going' (3m34s):

N.B. Due to ill-health, all three singing groups are currently “in abeyance”