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10 great recipe songs

01 Corrie's Coconut Cabbage Soup
02 Rayner's Scallops
03 Sandy's Patent Leather Pie
04 Fillets of Sole St Germain
05 Pork Fillets in Apple & Guinness Sauce
06 M.P.'s Vegie Slice
07 Val's Cherries Jubilee
08 Throw it on the Barbie
09 Phil & Kylie's Sticky Date Pudding
10 Chendie's Meatloaf Blues

Once you have Apple Quicktime installed you can click on the song tracks to listen to 30 second MP3 samples.

Here is the link to install the latest version of Apple Quicktime with iTunes for Windows 2000/XP. Only recommended for those with the latest PCs who want the full multimedia experience possible with Quicktime. iTunes is THE best MP3 player software out there and it's free!

Here is the link for an older version of Apple Quicktime for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP users (15.8Mb).

Here is the link for an even older version of Apple Quicktime for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP users (9.5Mb). If you just want to hear the songs, then this older version will be fine for any PC and will be much faster to download.

These clips have been downsampled to MP3 format 128kbps, around 500kb each designed for quick downloading, even by modem. The full quality CD recordings have a richness of tone and resonance which will delight.