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10 great recipe songs

01 Corrie's Coconut Cabbage Soup
02 Rayner's Scallops
03 Sandy's Patent Leather Pie
04 Fillets of Sole St Germain
05 Pork Fillets in Apple & Guinness Sauce
06 M.P.'s Vegie Slice
07 Val's Cherries Jubilee
08 Throw it on the Barbie
09 Phil & Kylie's Sticky Date Pudding
10 Chendie's Meatloaf Blues


Music to please the palate, tantalise the tastebuds,
salivate the senses, and, gurgitate the gastrics!

How it came about...
Many years ago, my wife cooked a meal which I found so delectable that, being a singer / songwriter, I felt the dish was worth writing and singing about. I decided to create a song format which presented the ingredients and method of cooking such that a person could purchase all of the requirements and then prepare a meal - just by having these catchy, and oft times humorous songs, in their head!! So I began to collect favourite recipes from my friends and set them to music, marrying each recipe with a musical style that best fitted the feeling and flavour of the food. Hope you now have as much fun singing and cooking as I have had!


Paul Lawler is a singer / songwriter and lives in Maleny, Queensland, Australia,
as do The Just Desserts : Richenda Bridge / Jenny Fitzgibbon / Carmel Givens.
Paul is an APRA / AMCOS member.

Click on the song tracks to listen to 30 second MP3 samples (Apple Quicktime required). These clips have been downsampled to MP3 format 128kbps, around 500kb each designed for quick downloading, even by modem. The full quality CD recordings have a richness of tone and resonance which will delight.
This is a high quality recording, professionally engineered and produced by multi-award winner Andrew Higgins.
Pressed from a glass master, the CD comes in a jewel case with a booklet containing the lyrics.

Here are the actual recipes referred to in the songs - yummy!

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