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Fine Maleny a cappella singing,
performer biographies :

Richenda Bridge

Richenda was a Folkie in Perth, WA, way back when it was fashionable (fashionable? what an idea!) - but didn’t start public singing until 1984 in Darwin.  Though an engineering survey draftie by day, she made up for lost time by co-founding such a cappella harmony folk groups as : No Strings Attached / Mna’ (recorded) / Star Piquettes / Soundscape / Sweet Mermaids From Hell as well as performing in the musical dramas : Yerma / Emma / Disenchantment / Strong With the Women / Line of Fire / and also a number of Choirs. 

1995 in Maleny, Qld, she co-ran Voice Workshops and formed the a cappella harmony world music ensemble, SerafinaLater, came The Waroo Choir, Andy Oxidant and the Free Radical Gospeleers, Swing Jazz Trio, The Just Desserts, RAW SILK and in 2003, FINE COTTON and WORK-IN-PROGRESS

From 2001 to 2010, Richenda co-ran the popular, monthly “A Bit OF Folk On The Side ” (ABOFOTS) folk night in Maleny with partner, Paul Lawler.  She also assisted Paul with Woodford Folk Festival’s Closing Ceremony Fire Event from early 2003 to early 2011. When not Singing or Fire-Eventing, Chend loves to creatively Crochet, in chunky and colourful textures.  Some of her work can be seen here.

Listen to Richenda in Darwin, performing Murial Hogan's
powerful song 'Agent Orange' (MP3 4m20s):

Listen to Richenda performing the song
'Mining For Gold' (MP3 1m38s):

Listen to Richenda performing the song
'The Scarecrow' (MP3 4m48s):


*** 2009 : Andy Oxidant is experiencing a revival as Andy Oxidant and the Unbelieving Free Radical Gospeleers - but with instruments added this time (Hallelujah, Brother!) - However, Chend has yet to learn banjo and shaker .....
just vocals so far!
She is also reputedly a member of Paul's new Peacenik Band, The Mixed Guerillas! (hmmm .... What doing? Lighting the barbie, maybe?!) ***

In 2007, Chendís heart began to misbehave in the rhythm and rate department, and within a couple of years, the subsequent variety of medications deemed necessary for staying alive have resulted in vocal chord changes that increasingly, have transformed the joy of singing into a bittersweet memory. Consequently, more crocheting AND frequent listening to and reading of the Kryon, Germain, and Abraham teachings has ensued. Researching her 3D Family History has also become a popular past time (2 convicts so far!)


Recordings : Richenda has both a solo track and group tracks (with Mna and No Strings Attached) on the Top End Folk Club CD “Roll Back the Years” (1992); a cassette recording with Mna “Meeting” (1987); vocals with The Just Desserts on Paul Lawler’s concept CD “A Taste of Good Music”, produced 2005; and a solo and duo track on Mudcat compilation series “This Is Us (Wood/Water)” (Mudcat Café, 2011).