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~ Stalking The New Paradigm ~

Since taking on the Closing Ceremony Fire Event at Woodford in 2003, we have had enormous support and assistance from both the QFF (Queensland Folk Federation) and the WFF (Woodford Folk Festival) and from other festival-related personnel.
Likewise, the task would be completely overwhelming without the co-creation from the numerous festival Fire Event Volunteers (many of whom returned each year!); myriad musicians, artists and performers; contractors (like the wonderful Bob Blore Pyrotechnics, for example), and, especially from our generous Core Team.

The latter has thankfully always included the fabulous Lily Podger - Assistant Director – and her famously “purpose-bred” son, Alex Podger!

Though many many other folk are also worthy of Special Mention, we’ll just say thanks to Paull Smart, our wonderful scenic artist, who created the stupendous artwork on all 8 of our bonfire structures… and also to resident tree-hugger, Ben Sheppard, whose strength and cheerful willingness to help almost anywhere/anytime, was an absolute Godsend during the long process of both organizing and deconstructing the annual Fire Event… and also to Steve Swayne, who has been extremely generous with his time and skills and thanks to whom we have photographic & video documentation of all 8 Events / festivals - and more besides!!

The Core Team was something of a Moveable Feast, but it often included :

Alex Bridge / Alex Podger / Anita Kuiper / Bryce Adam / Carmel Givens / Cathy Bohanna-Martin / Charlotte Kirby / Clare Russell / Dale Spanhake / Emma McDonald / Glenn Christie / Jenna Koda / Jessica Puncheon / Julie Harris / Juliette Kalifa / Kimberley Hodson / Kirsten Cash / Lachlan Kann / Lesley Dubroy / Lily Podger / Lyn Bardsley / Marc Kalifa / Matthew King / Pascale Richy / Paul Lawler / Paul Russell / Renee Kuiper / Richenda Bridge / Rowan Smith / Sally Cripps / Steve Swayne / Trevor Franklin : thankyou, one and all.


"...Now, the way I see it, everyone ultimately wants to know who they are, and at the Fire Event, we try to help them remember. For me, the Fire Event has always been a spiritual experience... an Event produced not for commercial gain, but instead, an Event that provides an uplifting experience for participants and audience alike... one that imbues us with hope and optimism and joy for the coming year..."

Paul Lawler ~ Woodford Fire Event : Artistic Director 2003-2011

For instance, our Events were not born of whimsy :

About Time 2003/04
- was to remind people that there really is no such thing as Time - there's only Now.

Balance Within 2004/05
- was to remind folks that Balance is what we are always trying to achieve within ourselves and our lives.

Honour the Earth 2005/06
- was to remind people to love and respect The Planet upon which they live and to have compassion for all living things.

The Game of Life 2006/07
- was to remind folks to have FUN and that Love is the most important thing; it transcends all.

Safe Journey 2007/08
- was to remind people that though there may be obstacles, take courage and find a way through.

Child's Play 2008/09
- was to remind folks that they really do create their own Reality : what you think is what you get.

Return to the Stars 2009/10
- was to remind people of our Oneness, guided by the stellar insights of the Mayan calendar.

Voice of the Ancestors 2010/11
- was to remind folks to listen, both to their own Hearts and to the Heart of the Earth - and so to the Wisdom therein.

and for 2011-12?
Ah, only Time will tell...
But The Wheel has turned and now Paul & Richenda are off on another of Life’s journeys.
(hmmmm …. backpacking round The Pleiades, anyone?!)


See the synopsis of each fire event and watch short videos.

Many wonderful photographs and short videos of
past Woodford Fire Events can be seen on Steve Swayne's Flickr and YouTube websites.