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Peculiar Hand


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About Time 2003/04
There really is no such thing as Time - there's only Now


Balance Within 2004/05
Balance is what we are always trying to achieve
within ourselves and our lives


Honour the Earth 2005/06
Love and respect The Planet upon which you live
Have compassion for all living things


The Game of Life 2006/07
Have FUN- Love is the most important thing;
it transcends all


Safe Journey 2007/08
Though there may be obstacles, take courage
and find a way through


Child's Play 2008/09
You really do create your own Reality:
what you think is what you get


Return to the Stars 2009/10
Our Oneness, guided by the stellar insights
of the Mayan calendar


Voice of the Ancestors 2010/11
Listen, both to your own Heart and to the Heart of the Earth -
and so to the Wisdom therein

Many wonderful photographs and short videos of
past Woodford Fire Events can be seen on Steve Swayne's Flickr and YouTube websites.