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Fine Maleny a cappella singing,
performer biographies :

Jenny Fitzgibbon

Jenny rediscovered Folk Music in Darwin in 1990 and, forgoing her training as an Industrial Designer, has passionately embraced folk ever since.  Since starting out in harmony groups and then as a solo, unaccompanied singer (a tradition in Ireland, from whence she came 17 years ago) she is now in a few bands.  Jenny won the Liz Johnson award at the 2000 National Folk Festival in Canberra, for her stunning singing and is also a talented Songwriter.  She regularly travels to perform at festivals in both England and Ireland, including the Willie Clancy Festival in Clare  and Dublin’s Goilin Club.  These days she also sings in a duo with guitar/bouzouki/fiddle player, Steve Cook, and also in Pocket Love Songs, along with Jacinta Foale. She was also a highly acclaimed vocalist with Brisbane’s renowned Irish band Tulca Mor.  Some of the other groups Jenny has been in (and mostly as a founding member) include :

Raw Silk (folk) / Skadi (mediaeval, folk, jazz) / Ragged (folk band) / The Just Desserts (popfolk) / Calleach (mediaevalfolk) / No Strings Attached (folk) / Cumbia Muchachas (salsa) / Louvre Cats (jazz) / Sweet Mermaids From Hell (folk) / The Wantons (folk) / Surf City Stingers (jazzfolk crossover) / Falling Angels (street theatre stuff) / Shrieking Violets (more stuff)  as well as in the musical dramas : Emma /  Yerma / Disenchantment / Strong With the Women / Aussie Shorts / Line of Fire.

Jenny is currently working in aged care.

Jenny has a solo CD entitled “Temple Bare” (Brisbane, 2001) and she features on Tulca Mor’s “Into the Night” (Brisbane 2004) and another Tulca Mor CD “In the Morning Early” (Brisbane 2007); “Ragged … live” with Jan van Dijk & Jevan Cole (Brisbane 2002); Paul Lawler’s  “A Taste of Good Music” featuring The Just Desserts on backing vocals (SunCoast 2004); she produced the Darwin a cappella concert/CD “Raw Cappella” which includes 2 solo and 3 group tracks with Jenny (1999); compilations include Miguel Heatwole’s 2003 CD “The People Have Songs”; Liz Johnson Memorial Compilation; Jambaroo Compilation “20 Years On”.